Often the Ramadan Series 2020

Prominent Egyptian cotton actress, Yousra will get involved in the Ramadan 2020 theatre marathon, which may be filmed beneath functioning title of “Dahab Eira” (Fake Gold).

Entrepreneur Tamer Morsi, Chairman with the Mother board of Film fans associated with United Company signed while using commitment with the renowned developer Jamal Al-Adl, representing Al-Adl Group, to produce the particular line.

The TV sequence will be authored by Ahmed Adel and aimed by way of Hani Khalifa.

This happens within the framework from the company’s keenness to restart the TV theatre market, plus its keenness to work with various production firms in order to offer some sort of TELEVISION SET product worthwhile of this Arab family.

Yousra just lately a unique appearance in film “Welad Rizk 2: A’wdat Osoud Al-Ard”, and in TV series “Awalem Khafeya”.

Civene Muhammad Hafiz Naseem‏, mostly often known as Yousra, was born in March 10, 1951.

The lady was initially discovered by shooter Abdul Haleem Nasr who also gifted her a position in the debut as a good filmmaker.

Yousra is very best known for her TELEVISION SET shows on “Arees we aroussa”(Groom and bride)‏, “Al-shaahed al-waheed” (The only witness)‏, ”Hayaat al-Gohary”‏ (al-Gohary’s life), “Raafat al-Haggaan”‏, “Sayyedat al-fondok” (The Lady of this hotel)‏, “Awaan al-ward” (A time for flowers)‏, “Ayna Kalby? ” (Where can be my heart? ), ”Malak rowhy”(King of my personal soul), “Ahlam A’deya” (Normal Dream), “Saraya Abdeen”, and even “Ladina Aqwal Okhra” (We possess Further Comments).

The legend also played period jobs like “Ka’b aaly we. e. High heels” together with “Lamma baba yenaam we. e. When father sleeps”.

She is married to Khaled Selim, the boy of football Legend Saleh Selim and the sister-in-law associated with actor Hesham Selim.

Often مسلسلات رمضان 2020 ’s pure ability prospered in famous film director Youssef Chahine’s “Eskendereyya kamaan we kamaan” (Alexandria once more and forever”), “Al-mohaager” (The immigrant), and “Eskendereyya Brand new York” (Alexandria New York).

Among her virtually all famous motion picture roles can be films “Al-‘assefa” (The storm)‏, “Al-gou’” ( The Hunger)‏, “Al-mansy” (The forgotten), together with “Toyour al-zalaam” (The chickens of darkness).

The presenter has generally were with prominent actor, Adel Imam and shined through the woman roles inside “Al-irhab wal kabab”‏, “Ala Bab Un Wazir”‏, and “Al-avokato”.

While in her occupation, she provides presented a large number of artsy works around Egyptian movie theater and tv drama.