Pocket spring mattress

It is not always possible to have a mattress sample. That may be possible in normal retail, is hardly feasible when buying through an online store. Although, some manufacturers and online retailers offer the option to sample mattresses for 100 days or less for free. The rule is not.

In addition, the mattress market is now huge. For laymen, it is therefore difficult to find the right mattress.

Pocket spring mattresses belong to the spring mattresses but are higher quality than normal spring mattresses. They have several hundred steel springs, which divide the pocket spring mattress into lying areas in varying amounts and thickness. This allows a precise adjustment of the pocket spring mattress to the body and thus offers a higher level of comfort.

In contrast to conventional spring mattresses, the steel springs are sewn into fabric bags in the case of pocket spring mattresses. In this way, the squeaky and metallic noise that steel springs bring along is prevented. Pocket spring mattresses are therefore suitable for restless sleepers.

Pocket spring mattresses are suitable for all sleeping positions. The steel springs adapt to the body with each change in sleeping position and provide optimal support for the spine, regardless of the lying position.

There are no restrictions on body weight in pocket spring mattresses. Due to the high robustness and stability of the steel springs pocket, spring mattresses withstand all body weights.

Even people, who sweat easily at night, are very well advised with pocket spring mattresses. Very good regulation of humidity and temperature prevents heat accumulation and accumulation of moisture, thus avoiding mold growth. Pocket spring mattresses are therefore not suitable for people who are slightly cold at night. Buy best Pocket spring mattress now on amerisleep.space.

In addition, pocket spring mattresses are suitable for adjustable and simple slatted frames. Due to the steel springs pocket, spring mattresses are already a stable surface and do not need to be additionally supported. However, pocket spring mattresses have a high weight due to the steel springs and are therefore difficult to handle.

What is good?

  • higher quality than spring mattresses
  • supports without an adjustable slatted frame
  • suitable for simple and adjustable slatted frames
  • quiet mattress
  • very stable
  • high lying comfort
  • pleasant sleeping climate
  • very good body adaptation